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A Technology Consultancy & Web Development Studio

We are a  dedicated group of technologists and business-minded specialists who have a passion for solving business needs with tech-based solutions. Not only do we implement those solutions, but we preach what we practice and share our expertise at speaking engagements and workshops all around the world, teaching developers how to better use their tools, and imparting wisdom about best practices for using them.

Mystic Coders is more than just a technology & web studio based in Laguna Beach.


Andrew Lombardi

Empowering Audiences with
Tech Insights and Inspiration

As a veteran entrepreneur and systems engineer, Andrew, the founder of Mystic Coders, has been instrumental in providing digital solutions to renowned brands such as Walmart and the pioneering Twitter 1.0. With a diverse repertoire that spans keynote addresses on various subjects and the authorship of three impactful books, Andrew has explored topics ranging from privacy implications to optimizing social media strategies and achieving success through integrated server-client architectures at conferences and summits across the globe.

Are you seeking to enrich your event with expert tech insights? 

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Andrew's depth of knowledge and ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and relatable manner truly impressed me and my team. 

Devon S. | Back End Developer | Conference Attendee

ConFoo Developer Conference 2023

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